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Script writing software & film planning tools

Corporate video producers & documentary filmmakers: write your scripts and plan your film project with the best software!

Successful films are always planned films

A film project is divided into 3 phases: Pre-production (planning) Production (shooting) and Post-production (editing). The most important phase is the Pre-production, because in this stage the film is created.

Scripts give security in case of disagreements …

… with the client. A script, that has been accepted by the client should therefore always be a component part of a production contract!

The video journalist …

… has become established as a realizer / implementer of news and reality soaps. To solve this job he needs to be well prepared, with Digital Director Docu, the preproduction tool for documentaries.

The ”Hollywood format” …

… has become widely established for movie scripts. But the target is always a great film. With Digital Director AV Pro you are able to pre visualize your script before shooting - like Hollywood!

Anyone who only explains the idea of his film …

… to his team on the way to the set should not be surprised if the film turns out completely different from what he expected. Plan your films with Digital Director software and give anyone a printed shooting script some days before shooting.

A shooting plan is quickly created with Digital Director Docu

… and can be mailed to every team member as a PDF on the day before the shoot.

The call sheet contains all the information about times …

… and meeting places for the shoot and is (almost) automatically generated from the shooting script.

Corporate video are the bread-and-butter films of every film production company

The advanced pre-production & pre-visualization tool: See your film before you shoot!

The well-proven 2-column layout …

… makes it easy to judge how the final film will look, even for clients who are inexperienced with films.

… and gives the producer the security …

… that he will realize the film as the client requires it. Subsequent orders are usually guaranteed in this way.

Film is visual – and so should be the scripts.

Supplement your script with photos of scanned sketches from the preliminary viewings or from a storyboard program.

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